China and India are ready to start the process of normalizing the situation on the common border

At the 27th meeting of the Bilateral Working Consultative and Coordinating Mechanism, held in New Delhi, Indian and Chinese diplomats expressed their mutual willingness to promote de-escalation along the common border. This was announced on Thursday by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, reports today, June 1, TASS.

The message, published on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, says that both sides expressed interest in maintaining the inter-army and diplomatic channels of interaction, confirmed their intention to contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the border areas.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry added that during the meeting, representatives of China and India agreed to speed up the process of resolving issues. The diplomats of the two countries confirmed the positive effect of such contacts and agreed to hold the 28th meeting of the coordinating mechanism in the near future, as well as the 19th round of inter-army consultations.

The latest clashes on the Sino-Indian border, which led to casualties on both sides, took place in May 2020 in the mountainous region of Ladakh. China and India brought heavy artillery, tanks and aircraft to the area. After a series of negotiations at the military and diplomatic levels, the parties began a gradual withdrawal of troops from the border line.

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