Children in the Gaza Strip have their names written on their arms for identification if they die.

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

In the Gaza Strip, Palestinian children have their names written on their arms so they can be identified if they die. Various media outlets write about this.

“A video is circulating on social networks of children in the Gaza Strip having their names written on their hands. This is done so that in the event of their death from bombing, it will be easier for doctors to identify the bodies,” the RT in Russian telegram channel reports. It is clarified that videos of the bodies of children with inscriptions on their hands have already appeared on the Internet.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has continued since October 7. During this period, the Israeli side repeatedly launched attacks on the Gaza Strip. Thus, it was reported about IDF airstrikes on residential areas of Gaza, which killed more than 50 people, reports “Public television of Russia” It also became known about a recent attack on a school in the sector, which claimed the lives of at least five people, writes VSE42.Ru.


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