Says Hans Niemann Probably Cheated in Over 100 Chess Games, Including Prize Money – Chess

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The chess site published the results of the investigation against the American grandmaster Hans Niemannwho is suspected of cheating.

Niemann has reportedly cheated in probably more than 100 chess games as of 2020, including games with a prize pool. The analysis was based on a comparison of Niemann’s moves with the moves of chess programs.

The American himself before declaredthat he did cheat in online games, but never did it in tournaments with prize money. also notes Niemann’s Elo progression too fast, including going from 2500 to 2600 in three months, which is described as “statistically extraordinary”.

The investigation does not draw conclusions from live games at the chessboard, but notes that six of Niemann’s strongest performances at the competition “deserve further investigation.”

In September, reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen surrendered after two moves against Niemann in the Champions Chess Tour online tournament. Shortly before that, they met at the stage of the Grand Chess Tour in St. Louis – the Norwegian lost, and then starred from the competition. Carlsen himself later explained their actions with distrust of the opponent.

International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced own investigation and proposed the creation of a special commission to combat fraud.

Hans Niemann: “I cheated in random games on when I was 16. I am very ashamed. I would never do that in a real game.”

Carlsen withdrew from the tournament after a sensational defeat (the first in 53 games) – it looks like his opponent was cheating. How did he do it?

“If they want me to play naked, I’ll do it.” New Chess Details

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