Chernyshenko told why a bill on scientific and technical expertise is needed

Chernyshenko told why a bill on scientific and technical expertise is needed

Dmitry Chernyshenko.
© press service of the Federation Council

A rating system will be created for experts, which will distribute them according to the quality of the work performed. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko spoke about this at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture on February 13.

Earlier, the Government submitted a bill to the State Duma proposing to consolidate the concept of “scientific (scientific and technical) expertise” and establish the procedure for its implementation. Chernyshenko clarified that the methodology of the examination and the powers of the participants in the process will be enshrined in by-laws, which will also be prepared by the Government. The Russian Academy of Sciences will become the coordinator of the national expert system.

“There are enough experts in our country. The question is how correctly and according to what rules these experts will evaluate impartially, as a rule, it should also be anonymous, what will be the system of motivation for these experts,” the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

He explained that the national expert system will have an internal rating system that will raise strong qualified experts and lower those who are negligent in their work or do their expertise incorrectly.

There will also be an arbitration system that allows you to challenge the results of the examination.

All this should increase confidence in the institute of experts and make their work more efficient, Chernyshenko believes.

The Federation Council Committee supported this bill.

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