Chelyabinsk workers began searching for their dream job

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Workers in the Chelyabinsk region began searching for better jobs. As the press service of the HeadHunter service said, the number of resumes has increased among workers, production personnel and sales people.

“There is an increase in resumes in the regional personnel market. Increased dynamics occurred among salespeople, “blue collar workers,” as workers are called, and production personnel,” noted HeadHunter.

Judging by the number of active resumes, in November 2023 their growth was 8% compared to the corresponding month of 2022. The total number reached 81 thousand pieces. At the same time, the main number relates to the areas of sales, working personnel (each – 17%), production and service (16%), domestic staff (15%), administrative personnel (13%). Each resume can be placed among different professional areas.

Most people began to look for work in the extractive industries. The year-on-year increase was 29%. Farmers (an increase of 24%), doctors and pharmacists (plus 15%), and consultants (14%) were actively looking for work. At the same time, activity in retail trade decreased (reduction in the number of resumes by 25%), the auto business (drop by 16%), tourism and public catering (minus 12%).

Director of HeadHunter Ural Oksana Sidleckaya noted that an 8% increase in the number of applicants is not able to cover the personnel shortage. If we compare adjacent months, the increase was only 1%. The situation was partly influenced by the seasonal factor. By the end of the year, people prefer to continue working in their current place. This allows them to complete the work they started and receive annual incentive payments.

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