Chelyabinsk teacher fired for pornographic stories

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Teacher of the South Ural State Institute of Arts named after P.I. Tchaikovsky (SURGII, Chelyabinsk) Sergei Panasenko, who was previously accused at the university of conducting pornographic photo shoots with the participation of female students, was fired from the university. This URA.RU said representatives of the administration.

“With Panasenko S. L., as a teacher at an art school that performs educational functions, we terminated the employment relationship. The reason is an immoral act committed by him, incompatible with the continuation of this work (paragraph 8 of part 1 of article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation),” explained URA.RU in SURGII.

The educational institution noted that they know that Panasenko will challenge this decision in court. The dismissed public safety teacher also tried to enter the institute, but he was not allowed to go by security.

“Panasenko’s behavior and his motives remain a mystery to us. We have repeatedly gathered a special commission on his behalf to listen to his arguments, but he literally ran away from the members of the commission. We even made a video of how he did it and shouted that he would only sue us, ”the administration said.

Earlier, the leadership of the YurGII accused Panasenko of creating a closed channel on VKontakte, in which he posted photos with pornographic content, and teachers recognized students in some models. Photos of naked female students at the university were handed over to the police. In this content, teachers saw violence, discrediting state symbols, sexual and suicidal motives.

According to Panasenko himself, the conflict between him and the leadership of the university arose after he began to point out to the rector’s office about violations of anti-terrorist security in the educational institution and to talk about violations of building and sanitary standards. Not having received a proper response from the leadership, he began to write complaints to law enforcement agencies.

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