Chelyabinsk State Duma deputy recalled the 240th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea

Oleg Golikov wrote that as a result of the annexation, Crimea became one of the most prosperous territories of the Russian Empire

Chelyabinsk State Duma deputy Oleg Golikov recalled the 240th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Golikov wrote about this in social networks.

“240 years ago, on April 19 (April 8, old style), 1783, Catherine II adopted the Manifesto on the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula (Crimea, Taman and Kuban) to the Russian Empire. The Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774 played a decisive role. in accepting the peninsula into the Russian state,” the deputy wrote on the morning of April 19 in his telegram channel.

According to Golikov, Crimea has become one of the most prosperous and developing territories of the Russian Empire. He also posted an illustration with the words of the manifesto about “the happy transformation of rebellion and disorder into peace, silence and order” as a result of the entry of the Crimean peninsula into Russia.

Golikov is a participant in a special operation, he went to the front as a volunteer in October 2022, during a partial mobilization in the Russian Federation. Initially, he ended up in the Apostle battalion under the command of Yuri “Angel” Gagarin from Chelyabinsk. After that he was trained as an UAV operator and joined the BARS “Cascade” detachment. For his service in the NVO zone, Golikov was awarded the Order of Courage. The day before yesterday, April 17, Golikov announced that his contract had ended and he was returning to peaceful life and work in the State Duma.

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