Chelyabinsk residents complained about a woman in camouflage carrying flowers in black paper from house to house

March 12, 2023, 12:48

Residents of Chelyabinsk complained about a “woman from Ukraine” who threatened people with violence

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Residents of the Parkovy microdistrict in Chelyabinsk complained about a woman in a camouflage uniform and a balaclava who delivered flowers in black paper to apartments. According to the publication 74.rushe admitted that she came from Ukraine and threatened to “shoot the legs” of the residents of the houses.

An uninvited guest appeared on Krasnopolsky Prospekt. She threw two flowers in black paper into the apartment of one of the residents and ran away. Downstairs, the tenants surrounded her – the woman carried another “gift” in a black box tied with a blue ribbon. “Courier” could not explain to whom the package was intended and who ordered it.

The excited residents of Chelyabinsk called the police, but the delivery girl managed to escape.

“She ran away to house number 19b, where threats were shouted on the common balcony that she was from Ukraine and would shoot everyone’s legs. She managed to escape, the police checked all the floors, ”said one of the eyewitnesses.

The local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that such a call had been received. Law enforcement officers understand the situation.

TV presenter Dana Borisova complained about a woman from Ukraine who threw a plate at her while on vacation in Thailand. According to the victim, the opponent was embarrassed by the Russian speech, the publication reported.

Earlier, the government of the Lipetsk region urged local residents not to accept parcels and envelopes from unknown senders. Prior to this, residents of Lipsk received shipments with items that looked like ammunition.


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