Chelyabinsk residents are offered to celebrate the New Year in a camp and on snowmobiles. Poster

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Travel agencies and recreation centers in the Chelyabinsk region have approved posters for New Year’s tours from December 30 to January 2. According to the URA.RU selection, Chelyabinsk residents will be able to celebrate the New Year on tours, hikes in the Zyuratkul National Park and a camp for adults. At the same time, most of the hotel rooms are already occupied.

“There are no more available places for accommodation with a banquet. Currently, approximately 75% of the number of rooms is occupied. The remaining tariffs include another part of the entertainment program and meals,” the Utes resort reported to URA.RU.

Club-hotel “Golden Beach” offers a holiday program with accommodation and meals from 25 thousand 600 rubles for two in rooms and from 31 thousand 600 rubles in apartments. The price includes accommodation and breakfast. For an additional fee of 14 thousand rubles, entrance to the banquet is open, and for 11 thousand 750 rubles you can celebrate the New Year on snowmobiles on a tour of Vera Island. The cost of accommodation with three meals a day at Utes varies from 47 to 59 thousand 200 rubles for two, depending on the room. It includes an animated program for three days and a fireworks display.

At the Elovoe Hotel, the price of the tour starts from 53 thousand rubles for two. At the same time, the banquet is provided for guests whose rooms cost from 62 thousand rubles. The most expensive in the hotel is a three-room suite – 180 thousand 500 rubles. The Fongrad Hotel offers accommodation with an entertainment program from 74 thousand 800 rubles (half board) and 80 thousand 400 rubles (three meals a day).

A “children’s” camp for adults will operate on New Year’s dates 50 kilometers from Chelyabinsk. The cost of the trip will be 11 thousand rubles per person. At the same time, the tour accepts guests no younger than 30 years old. The PoKhodu club offers to celebrate the New Year in the Zyuratkul National Park: for 28 thousand 400 rubles for two, tourists are promised houses with amenities and excursions. At the Peak tourist club, the cost of such a trip with another program for two will cost 86 thousand rubles.

Chelyabinsk restaurants began announcing prices for New Year’s Eve in mid-October. Then the cost of a banquet ticket reached 23 thousand rubles per person.

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