Chelyabinsk man sent to jail for killing 19-year-old stepdaughter

    Measure of restraint for Rudolf Zaitsev in the Traktorozavodsky court.  Chelyabinsk, arrest, prison, bars, police, court, cell, handcuffs, detention, prisoner

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    A Chelyabinsk resident who confessed to killing his 19-year-old stepdaughter, whose body was found in a blanket at a waste sorting site, was taken into custody for two months. This decision was made on August 6 by the Leninsky District Court, Svetlana Chechulina, Assistant District Attorney, told URA.RU

    “The prosecutor supported the investigator’s petition to take the person accused of murder into custody, since he can hide from the investigating authorities and the court, threaten witnesses and other participants in the proceedings, and can also continue to engage in criminal activity. He is accused of committing a particularly serious crime, abuses alcohol, is not employed, has previously been prosecuted several times, committed a crime during the period of probation,” said Svetlana Chechulina.

    The man pleaded guilty to the murder of his stepdaughter. He was taken into custody until October 4. His lawyer requested house arrest at the scene of the crime.

    According to investigators, 39-year-old Alexander Yerutin killed the girl during a quarrel on July 31 in the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk, and the body was found only on August 4 at a waste sorting site in another area. According to investigators, the girl’s conflict with her stepfather occurred against the background of the fact that she was leaving home, and her parents considered her unreliable.

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