Chelyabinsk citizen with many children voluntarily went on a special operation. Video

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Mobilization in Russia

The father of four children from Chelyabinsk, Timur Dzholdybaev, who voluntarily left for a special operation, decided to take part in the mobilization when he consulted with his family. As the man told URA.RU, his relatives supported the choice, but there were emotions.

“I sat, silently thought and made a decision. A day to get ready, a day to say goodbye. The family took it well. Not without tears, not without scandals,” Timur Dzholdybaev told URA.RU.

Dzholdybaev went to the troops on September 27. Together with him, mobilized Mikhail Gordeev and Anatoly Kosikov went to the service, they work together. The men said that their relationship is connected by subordination: Gordeev is a master in Kosikov’s unit. Another mobilized person told URA.RU that he has a military registration specialty as an interpreter, he served in the army in 2009. I received the summons at the plant in advance, having managed to solve the necessary matters before leaving and say goodbye to my relatives.

As part of partial mobilization, 300,000 people will be called up in Russia. The Ministry of Defense has developed criteria for conscription: military service in the army, combat experience, and others.


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