Cheers! How India is Eager to Experiment With New Varieties of Beer

In In recent years, consumer preferences has changed significantly. Today’s consumers are more inclined toward mindful consumption- drink lesser but drink better, and are eager to experiment with new varieties of beer. Owing Due to these trends, such as premiumization, top brands have noticed a growing affinity with craft beers and low- or no-alcohol beverages among young consumers. We Get in touch with two market leaders Heineken And Budweiser.

Gen Young consumers Z prefer smooth beer

“At Heineken, we pride ourselves on being an open-minded, forward-thinking brand. We listen to our consumers and keep up with ever-changing taste preferences across all generations. We’ve taken the time to sit down with our consumers, hosting focus groups and tasting sessions with our target audience to hear what they think. Leveraging these insights, we know that many younger consumers want easy-to-drink beer and Heineken Silver has been brewed in response to this demand,” Says Rajeev Sathyesh, Asia-Pacific director, Heineken.

In IndiaConsumers today want drinks that are light and easy to consume, as well as beverages that can be enjoyed with friends at social events. “Our latest beer innovation provides this new generation of consumers with a premium, smooth-tasting beer that helps them break away from stuffy social situations and refresh everyday drinking moments. We are confident that it will also appeal to the new generation of beer drinkers in India and will herald a new era of premiumisation in the Indian beer market,” Additions Sathyesh.

Budweiser With the launch of Beer Xpress, we took beer demand to a new level. ‘The Art of Drinking’ Campaign in August 2022, A unique initiative that reinvents “drinking” A form of art, not a sport. You can master and learn to make every drink experience a positive experience. “At Budweiser, we are cognizant of our audiences’ evolving choices and cater to them through our growing portfolio of beverages and by equipping consumers with the necessary information to enjoy our offerings. The Art of Drinking goes much beyond responsible consumption because Smart Drinking is not a compromise, but a way of life that empowers consumers to enjoy to the fullest,” Says Vineet Sharma, VP marketing – South AsiaAB InBev. InfluencersConsumers, trade partners, and trade partners all joined the discussion to share their best tips for the night.

Discuss The culture of beer drinking Asia Pacific Where and when India stands?

Asia Pacific The region continues to dominate global beer consumption. It It is expected that the country will account for over 40% of global beer demand by 2025. Increased The changing consumer preferences and disposable income in the United States. Asia Pacific region will drive this category’s growth in the next few years. We Are excited to see a lot of GenZ’s and women participation in this increased growth.

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“In India, the premium and super premium segments account for an increasing market share and are growing faster compared to the other APAC countries. The high growth rate for beer in India exists despite a low per capita consumption and therefore, the country presents incredible potential. With consumers’ preferences changing post-pandemic, beer has continued to grow as an experiential product. The beverage is consumers’ go-to choice not only during social and/or cultural gatherings but also as a part of their meals. After two years of being at home, people are looking forward to a lot of celebrations and outdoor festivals. This provides an opportunity for us to engage with them meaningfully by curating best-in-class experiences for our consumers,” Additions Sharma.

Sathyesh It feels good India This is a very undertapped market for beer, and there is tremendous potential for growth. “We will keep refreshing our product portfolio based on the changing taste preferences of our consumers here. Compared to India’s per capita consumption of beer at 2 litres per annum, other key APAC markets are 10 to 20 times higher and Western markets are 30 to 40 times higher right now. India is one of the critical markets for us, where we expect beer consumption to grow led by factors such as hot climate, young demographic, rise in disposable income and increase in market penetration,” He continues.

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