Charlie Hebdo made fun of the earthquake in Turkey – EADaily, February 9, 2023 – Society. News, Europe News

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo ridiculed the earthquakes in Turkey that claimed the lives of thousands of people. This is reported by the telegram channel “Duty for Middle East”.

The disaster image published by the magazine is captioned as follows: “Earthquake in Turkey. You don’t even need to send tanks.”

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn On his Twitter page he wrote:

“Modern barbarians! Drown in your own anger and hatred.”

EADaily recalls that the infamous Charlie Hebdo magazine was attacked in Paris on January 7, 2015 after publishing offensive cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

During an armed attack on the editorial office, 12 people were killed, including two policemen.

Two days later, the brothers who staged the attacks Sheriff And Said Kouashi were eliminated during the assault by special forces.

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