Champagne prices have risen in Russia before the New Year

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Prices for goods in Russia

In Russia, champagne prices increased by 6.25% over the year. Now its average cost is 465.6 rubles. Rusprodsoyuz was informed about this.

“The average cost of Russian champagne increased by 6.25% over the year,” the association said. It is known that the average bill for this type of alcohol is 465.6 rubles.

In Anadyr, prices for champagne are the highest. They average 757.2 rubles. In Moscow, sparkling wine can be bought for 541.6 rubles, in St. Petersburg – for 520.6 rubles. And in the Chelyabinsk region – for 399.6 rubles. The cheapest champagne is in Ugra. For example, in the city of Beloyarsky the price tag for it is 310.9 rubles.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Rusprodsoyuz Association Dmitry Leonov said that before the New Year holidays, prices for champagne are unlikely to increase. During December, this alcohol is sold many times more than in other months. According to the expert, the business makes money precisely on sales volumes. In addition, most products in seasonal categories are on sale.

It was previously reported that wine prices would also increase. The price increase is due to an increase in excise taxes. Vice-President of the Association of Retail Market Experts Alexander Stavtsev said that the price increase will be smooth. Soon, buyers will be buying this alcohol en masse at the old rates, reports “National News Service”. The Ministry of Finance also proposed increasing the minimum price for vodka. From January 1, 2024, the minimum retail price (MRP) for alcohol with a strength above 28 degrees will be increased by 7.5%. Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Sazanov explained that this price increase is due to rising inflation rates.

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