Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council: Moscow can and is ready to increase grain supplies to Cairo

Moscow, May 29. The Russian Federation is ready to increase grain exports to the Arab Republic of Egypt and other countries, including supplies from new regions. There is capacity, the question is logistics, declared Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council Mikhail Orlov.

“Will grain exports from Russia increase? The answer is yes, because Russia is growing in its production,” he said, adding that with the advent of new territories, additional potential and opportunities have been added.

Orlov stressed that Egypt and other countries are calling for more imports to feed a rapidly growing population.

“Demand is growing. Whether we will meet demand is a matter of our manufacturing, logistics and maritime capabilities. All the potential is there for export growth. Now is a difficult period: there may be fluctuations, but this is not a trend. The dynamics are positive for us,” added Mikhail Orlov.

The head of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council noted that unfriendly countries create difficulties in providing and chartering ships. Therefore, many carriers do not risk transporting Russian agricultural products. The situation is further aggravated by the non-compliance by the West with the Russian part of the so-called grain deal.

“But the Russian Federation has a certain strength factor, and exports continue,” he summed up.

Earlier, the regional vice-president and director of Rosatom for the Middle East and North Africa, Alexander Voronkov, said that the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant would provide 10% of Egypt’s electricity needs.


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