Censorship and blocking: Musk through a journalist revealed the dirty details of the work of “Twitter”

Billionaire Elon Musk handed over to independent journalist Matthew Taibbi internal documents, from which it became known about the pressure of the US authorities on the microblogging service. So, representatives of the Democratic Party regularly forced the leadership of the social network to delete various posts, and after the scandal with the laptop of the son of President Hunter Biden, the company did its best to hide the links with the exposure data.

“By 2020, requests from related actors to take down tweets became commonplace. One executive wrote to another: “New data for review from the Biden team.” The answer to this was: “Done,” — explains a journalist on Twitter, confirming the authenticity of the messages with a copy of the correspondence with a list of tweets supposed to be deleted, dated September 2020.

Taibbi notes that the social network was “slowly forced” to use tools to control free speech. The service has been used by celebrities as well as various politicians from the Biden and Donald Trump administrations. In addition to objectionable records, user accounts could also fall under deletion.

In addition, it became known that Twitter tried to hide the story with the infamous Hunter Biden’s laptop before the presidential election, in which his father won. Even White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was banned for mentioning the story. The social network blocked materials about Hunter published by The New York Post, marking such posts as “unsafe”, and forbade them from being transmitted in private messages. Such methods are used only in exceptional cases, for example, in relation to child pornography, the journalist pointed out.


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