CDU leader accused Ukrainians of “social tourism”, but after shouting from Kyiv he apologized

Christian Democratic Union leader Friedrich Merz accused Ukrainian refugees of taking advantage of the German welfare system.

In an interview with Bild TV, the chairman of the CDU said that a problem that was not advertised in the press arose in Germany because of people who fled from Ukraine. In his opinion, a “large number” of Ukrainian refugees (today 1.1 million of them are registered in Germany. — EADaily periodically leave their host countries, then to return to Germany to receive only benefits.

“What we are seeing is social tourism from these refugees,” Merz said. “To Germany — back to Ukraine, to Germany — back to Ukraine.”

According to the politician, such behavior of the citizens of the Independent provokes social tension in Germany. Merz gave this example: the state pays for heating in the homes of refugees, where these same refugees do not live, and many Germans are not able to pay electricity bills.

“It’s not fair” Merz emphasized.

When asked if Germany’s refugee policy should be tougher, Merz said yes. In his opinion, the entire migration system of the government is inconsistent, and today “strict restrictions” on the number of new arrivals are needed.

In Kyiv, such statements were answered in their characteristic boorish form. New Ambassador of Ukraine in Berlin Alexey Makeev stated:

“Where did this nonsense about the alleged “social tourism” of Ukrainian military refugees come from? You [украинцы] You have the right to visit your homeland at any time.”

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Feather also criticized the leader of the CDU, saying that Merz’s language “is not worthy of any democrat.” The politician had to apologize: “I am far from criticizing refugees from Ukraine, who suffered a terrible fate. If my choice of words seems offensive to you, I’m sorry.”

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