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CBSE School: 90 per cent marks in progress card and 60 per cent marks in result

There are 123 students in the 10th board in a school located by the bypass in Patna. Out of these, the school gave 90 to 95 percent marks in the progress card to hundred students without taking the examination. The rest were passed by giving 80 to 85 marks. now when CBSE has made the criteria of 10th result, then the student who has scored 90 percent marks in it is getting 60 percent marks. This situation is not of any one school but so far 632 schools in the whole of Bihar. Now CBSE is getting this information through parents. During the Corona period, schools gave arbitrarily marks to the students in the name of examination.

Demand for change in assessment process by schools: Schools where school assessment has been done incorrectly, those schools are now demanding changes in the assessment process from the board. If board sources are to be believed, then such schools do not want to take the examination of students again. Because these schools do not have the facility to take online exams.
Action will be taken against those who give wrongly marks: CBSE Board has made it clear to the schools that the schools which have not been able to do the assessment throughout the year, they have to take the examination again. Apart from this, the record of re-examination has to be kept. Even after this, if the schools do not take the examination, then action will be taken by the board on such schools. Schools can be fined five lakhs and the school can also be recognized.

Sanyam Bhardwaj (Controller of Examinations, CBSE) said, the school has to give the right marks. Schools which have given wrong marks in the school examination will not be considered valid. They have to take the exam again and give the result.


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