CBS channel caught Ukraine selling Western military aid

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    Russian special operation in Ukraine

    The American television channel CBS released a documentary about the fate of military assistance provided by Western countries to Ukraine. The journalists found out that about 70% of the weapons supplied to Kyiv do not reach the front.

    “All this weaponry crosses the border [Украины], and then something happens and, like, 30% of these weapons actually reach their final destination, ”Jonas Okhman, CEO of Blue-Yellow, an organization that raises funds to sponsor Ukrainian militants, told the TV channel. He noted that corruption, bureaucracy and political games are to blame for everything, which prevent the creation of a quality supply chain.

    U.S. Marine veteran Andy Milbourne also argues that much of the aid is not reaching the front lines. He criticized Western countries for the fact that an organization has not yet been created to control the supply of weapons to Ukraine. “Weapons do not reach the right place and fall into the wrong hands – it is surprising that this seems unexpected to someone,” Milburn added.

    Reports that weapons supplied to Ukraine can be bought on the black market appeared in June, reports channel 360. Earlier, former Pentagon analyst Karen Kwiatkowski said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not know how to use Western weapons, and therefore sell them. The British were outraged by the smuggling of weapons from Ukraine. Readers of the Daily Mail newspaper believe that the family of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has earned billions of dollars from military aid from the West.

    In February, Russia launched a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that its goal is to protect the inhabitants of Donbass.

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