Volcano: Lava was emanating from the height of a 5-storey building, the photos of the volcano were captured in the camera

Volcano: Shocking pictures from Iceland are constantly coming out. The volcano erupted here in March this year. Looking at the scene here, it seemed as if a river of fire was flowing. Its videos and pictures went viral all over the world. Once again there have been very dangerous pictures of the volcano present on the Fagradalsfjall mountain located here. This photo was taken with a drone camera. (Photo Courtesy- @h0rdur) .

Discovery of an 800-year-old mummy in Peru, vegetables and tools were kept nearby

The mummy was found in an underground structure on the outskirts of the city of Lima. He said that ceramics, vegetable remains and stone tools were also kept in the tomb. Peru is home to hundreds of archeological sites of cultures that developed before and after the Inca Empire. 500 years ago, it had a special effect on the southern part of South America from southern Ecuador and Colombia to central Chile. ,

Why did Khan sir suddenly mention the goat while campaigning in the Panchayat elections?

Patna Wale Khan Sir. GS means General Studies Wale Khan Sir. are teachers. He has a strong following due to his indigenous style and making the topic easy to teach. Make videos on youtube. His channel Khan GS Research Center has 13 million subscribers. But, recently Khan sir appeared in a new role. He was seen campaigning in the Panchayat elections of Bihar.

Vote for tuber friend
Vipin Kumar is contesting the election of the head from Salha Panchayat of Hajipur. Vipin is a YouTuber. He runs a YouTube channel named Maths Masti. Khan is a friend of sir. Trying luck in the election of the chief. Khan reached Sir Hajipur’s advice to campaign for his companion. A video has surfaced in which he is campaigning with Vipin in a vehicle. During the election campaign, he says,

Rights are never found in the world by asking, they have to be snatched. We will keep coming. If anyone has difficulty in writing studies in this field, speak to Vipin ji, he is our friend. In Patna, if anyone has any problem with his studies, then he will tell us.

Khasi (goat) is sold for 5 thousand, but how is a man being sold for one thousand. Will a man sell cheaper than Khasi? Have to make money too. Not one thousand, 5 thousand and don’t even vote. Be educated and understand your rights. The constitution gives you the right to good schools and healthcare. This is not in any begging.

Chief’s candidate Vipin Kumar said,

Seeing the corruption in society, I have entered the field. I will not stop teaching. When we are teaching, society is getting educated. Education is very important, unless people are educated, unemployment and poverty will not end. Khan sir is our friend. Any representative who is contesting the election calls all his friends, relatives. Khan sir is our friend. So come for the promotion. There are other friends, they will also come.

In the month of May this year, there was a dispute regarding the name of Khan sir. Is Khan sir Amit Singh or Khan sir? At that time, in a conversation with The Lallantop, Khan sir had said,

One should not know by name. What is my name, that is a different thing and what people call us by, that is different. Nelson Mandela is called the Gandhi of Africa. But on this basis, you cannot say that he is Gandhi. I don’t pay too much attention to what I’m told. Some people call me by many names. One of which is also Amit. Khan sir is just a title. I don’t have the original name. I never told my full name. When the time comes, everyone will know.

Khan sir was also caught in another controversy. He was accused of making punctures and making derogatory remarks against a particular community. At that time he had said in his clarification that he had said these things about Pakistan.

Date: Why did Ambedkar oppose the movements and demonstrations?

In which we narrate the historical stories of India related to that date. Today is November 26. And today’s date is related to the Constitution of India. A box is kept in the Parliament House in New Delhi.

The box is filled with helium. So that the thing kept inside can be saved from termites of time. Inside this box is the original paper of the Constitution of India. Which began to be written, on 9 December 1946.

Satchidanand Sinha was the first chairman of the Constituent Assembly. And later Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the Chairman. Dr. Bhimrao Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was elected the chairman of the drafting committee. The making of the Indian Constitution was completed in 2 years, 11 months, 18 days. and came into force on 26 January 1950.

UP Elections: A strong supporter of Indira Gandhi told tales, then spoke about Priyanka

Before the UP assembly elections to be held in 2022, ‘The Lallantop’ came out to know the condition of UP. In this series of “Kya Haal Hai UP”, we will tell, narrate and introduce you to the problems, problems, and issues of all the districts of UP.

In this episode, the team reached Rae Bareli. Here the team talked to Ramsevak Chaudhary. Ramsevak is a common man, who has many stories related to Indira Gandhi. Why is his opinion on Priyanka Gandhi different from that of Indira Gandhi? View video.

Violent mob set fire to Parliament in this country, announcement of 36-hour lockdown

Parliament set fire in Solomon Islands: The Solomon Islands broke ties with Taiwan in 2019 and formalized relations with China. Since then he has been facing a lot of pressure. In view of the heavy violence and looting, the police had to fire tear gas shells and use rubber bullets. At the same time, the capital Honiara has been locked down for 36 hours to control the situation. (All photos- AP).

Coronavirus: Is the threat gone?

Did India get relief from the corona that made India thirtieth with a new type of variant every day? Is the Kovid epidemic, which devastated the lives of the people with the second wave, declining in the country? That is, medical experts, say yes. With health experts predicting a full stop to the relentless corona aggression, there are good signs that the country’s economy is on the mend again.

The number of new cases in the corona, which has been declining for the past three weeks after Diwali, is a prime example. During October and November, during the festive seasons like Dussehra, Diwali, and Kali Puja, fears were raised that the situation in the country could be brought under control with a virus outbreak. However, we got rid of that husband. Even at the end of the festive season, new cases are being recorded at the lowest levels.

Most of the country’s population was affected by corona during the Second Wave. However, with a recovery rate of 98.32 percent, almost everyone has recovered. Corona antibodies were elevated in both conquer of Kovid. On the other hand, the Kovid vaccination program is in full swing in India. The government has already provided 117.63 crore doses across the country.

This has led to an increase in corona antibodies in the billions of people who have been vaccinated with Kovid‌. Corona antibodies were developed in adults in two variants by conquering covid on the one hand and vaccination on the other.

‘Hybrid’ immunity increases before vaccination in those who have recovered from the corona. Those who do not have coronavirus can fight the virus better with hybrid immunity than with the antibodies they develop if they are vaccinated. Medical experts are slowly saying that the corona third wave may not be as long in India as it is in a ‘hybrid’ immunity. However, health experts warn that the threat of a new variant and challenges such as the cold winter can always be averted with proper precautions.

They have had a corona infection in the past
‘Even though the spread of the Delta variant virus has increased in the country, fewer cases have been reported. Anurag Agarwal, Director, Institute of Genomics, Integrative Biology (IGIB), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), clarified that this is what many zero surveys across the country have shown. He commented that the ‘situation’ in India is good at present and that ‘changes’ may come in the future with lightly unyielding virus variants. Vinita Bal, another researcher at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, said that the severity of Kovid is declining in the country due to recovery and vaccination from Kovid.

Vigilance is required during December-February
Gautam Menon, a professor in the Department of Biology at Ashoka University in Sonipat, has warned that the number of cases is likely to rise again in December-February if new variants emerge and there is a risk of a second wave, but there will not be any miserable conditions during the second wave. The impact of the virus will not be severe at this time when ‘vaccination’ is on a massive scale. Admission to the hospital does not preclude the level of risk of death. Those who are vaccinated after recovering from Kovid will get significant protection from Kovid for a second time, ‘he said. According to the ICMR Fourth National Zero Survey in July, Kovid antibodies make up 67.6 percent of the population. Eighty-two percent of adults take the first dose. Vaccination is 43 percent complete

The third wave came and flew!
Sitabhra Sinha, a professor at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, argues otherwise. ‘The Third Wave in Europe bears a striking resemblance to the Second Wave in India. I mean, the third wave in India came in mid-September and disappeared, ‘he predicted. However, he warned that the R-value in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata would be higher than 1.

Cases for a minimum of 543 days
The country recorded the lowest number of 7,579 corona cases in the last 24 hours. This is the first time in the last 543 days that such a small number of cases have been reported, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Including new cases, the total number of cases increased to 3,45,26,480. Another 236 died with Kovid. This brings the total number of Kovid victims to 4,66,147. So far 3,39,46,749 Kovids have recovered. Currently, the number of active cases has dropped to 1,13,584. This is the first time in the last 536 days that such a low number of cases have been reported. The positivity rate reached 0.79 percent. The mortality rate was 1.35 percent.

Militants attack Congolese village, at least 18 killed

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center said that in the year 2020, two million people were displaced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, making it the country with the most recent war displacement in the world. More than 5 million people have been internally displaced inside the Congo. ,

This country is going to build the world’s first Bitcoin City, funding will be like this

Bitcoin (What is Bitcoin Currency) is a digital currency. We also call it Internet currency in common language. We cannot store it in our home or wallet. You can only use bitcoin online. Bitcoin is like a decentralization. Meaning there is no authority, bank or government to control it. It works on Peer to Peer Network Base. In this way it has become a global currency. (All photos- AP).

10 bodies found in Jacatecas, Mexico, 9 were hanging from the bridge, read the whole matter

More than 25,000 people have been murdered in Mexico in the first nine months of this year (Crime in Mexico). A similar incident happened here about a week ago as well. In Mexico’s Michoacan state, police found the bodies of 11 men riddled with bullets. This incident was also said to be related to the bloody conflict between drug smuggling gangs. ,

Such a debate on the best brand of wine, these two countries came face to face

Champagne Brand Name Dispute: Russia’s new law regarding Champagne, made in July, has angered the champagne makers of France. This is the reason why they are strongly opposing Russia. A French industrial organization, which raised its voice against this law of Russia, even threatened to stop the supply of champagne to Russia. The European Commission has already intervened in this dispute between Russia and France. (All photos- AP).

Such a debate took place on the famous brand of wine, these two countries came face to face

Champagne Brand Name Dispute: Russia’s new law regarding Champagne, made in July, has angered the champagne makers of France. This is the reason why they are strongly opposing Russia. A French industrial organization, which raised its voice against this law of Russia, even threatened to stop the supply of champagne to Russia. The European Commission has already intervened in this dispute between Russia and France. (All photos- AP).