Ukrainian officials yearned for the USSR and provoked a scandal


Director of the Department of Education of the Kiev City State Administration Elena Fidanyan published a post about the USSR on Facebook and provoked a scandal. The official posted a photo of a boy standing near a street machine and recalled: “the times when there was no covid, glass reusable glasses were not destroyed by … Read more

Ukraine called Russia’s significant advantage over NATO


Russia has the potential to deploy troops in Europe, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of NATO, said ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Stepan Gavrish. “Do you know that Russia has 130 highly mobile tactical groups that are on constant alert? Do you know … Read more

The US called for a more peaceful policy towards Russia


The United States needs to develop a more peaceful policy towards Russia in order to prevent the strengthening of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. This was stated by Ted Carpenter, Senior Fellow for Defense and Foreign Policy Research at the Cato Institute, in The American Conservative. In his opinion, the United States is at great … Read more

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Kyiv is working on completing procedures for the extradition of a Russian detained in Prague

Ukraine, Russia

Kyiv is working on completing the necessary procedures to hand over to him the Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti, who was detained in Prague, Oleg Nikolenko, the official representative of the country’s Foreign Ministry, told RBC-Ukraine. He confirmed that the detention of the Russian was the result of concerted actions of Ukrainian and Czech law enforcement … Read more

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has highlighted the signs of cards and electronic wallets involved in shady business


The Bank of Russia has determined the criteria that will allow banks to identify payment instruments (payment cards and e-wallets) used by shady businesses – illegal online casinos, organizers of financial pyramids, illegal forex dealers, cryptocurrency online exchangers, the Central Bank said. “Participants of the shadow business accept payments from citizens (individuals using such services) … Read more

Two countries – one economy, In what areas did Russia and Belarus agree to integrate?


The negotiation marathon on the integration of Russia and Belarus ended with the signing of 28 union programs in Minsk. They, as noted in the governments of the two countries, cover the “main directions of union construction.” In what areas the parties agreed to go for maximum rapprochement – in the review by Kommersant. What … Read more