Welt calls Polish president’s refusal to meet with Merkel offensive

Polish President Andrzej Duda did not find time to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit, which can be regarded by Berlin as an insult and evidence of a difficult relationship. This is stated in the article Die Welt.
The publication writes that Duda did not greet Merkel, although earlier the Chancellor’s office announced their planned meeting.

It is noted that Merkel had to revise her plans by the time she landed in Warsaw.

The article says that Polish media reported that Duda was supposed to attend commemorative events in Katowice in the south of the country on the day of Merkel’s visit.

According to journalists, this was Poland’s response to the fact that the German government did not invite the Polish prime minister to Berlin for government consultations in June.

The author of the article added that from the point of view of Germany, Duda’s refusal to accept Merkel is an insult and evidence of the difficult relations between the two countries.

The Bundestag was outraged by the decision of the German court on the “Nord Stream – 2”

Bundestag deputy Kotrets called EU requirements for Nord Stream 2 absurd

Steffen Kotrets, a representative of the Alternative for Germany party, commented to Izvestia on the decision of the court in Dusseldorf not to withdraw Nord Stream 2 from the EU gas directive.

According to the deputy, maintaining these requirements for the pipeline means violating the rights of investors who invested money under a different legal framework.

“The fact that the court is now following this case can only be viewed as a manifestation of political influence,” Kotetsu said.

The member of the Bundestag also stressed that the “absurd requirements” for Nord Stream 2 lead to higher costs for it. This, in turn, will have a negative impact on energy prices in Germany.

Earlier, the Supreme Land Court in Dusseldorf dismissed a complaint from Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of Nord Stream 2, against the German regulator’s decision not to remove the project from the updated regulations. They state that the pipeline entering the EU is either partially filled by an alternative supplier, or a part of it in the EU must be owned by a third party.

Nord Stream 2 will run from Russia to Germany, its capacity is 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, it is almost completed. For most of the project’s existence, it was actively opposed by Ukraine, which fears the loss of revenues from transit, as well as the United States, interested in promoting its LNG to Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel named the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union party Armin Laschet as her successor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel named the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union party Armin Laschet as her successor. RIA Novosti reports.

The politician noted that she highly values ​​Lashet’s personal qualities, in particular, his “primary attention to the dignity of people, to the construction of bridges between them.”

She also recalled that the parliamentary elections to be held in Germany in September will be the first in 27 years in which the current Federal Chancellor will not fight for re-election.

On August 20, Angela Merkel arrived in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This visit to Russia was her 20th and last as Federal Chancellor.