Career consultant Harry Muradian explains the sharp increase in the number of vacancies for older workers |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

Personnel shortage forces employers to pay attention to employees older than 45 years. This was stated by a career consultant Harry Muradian.

According to the statistics of the Avito Rabota service, over the past year the number of vacancies requiring older employees has increased by 119%. According to the expert, this is due to a lack of personnel: young specialists are either relocated or sent to the call of a special operation as part of partial mobilization.

Muradyan believes that employers will like to work with older employees. They come with accumulated experience and are not distracted by raising children.

“They are more for stability than for career growth, so they will not strive for frequent job changes, they are more responsible,” he explained to the online publication.reedus» expert.

The trend for recruiting older employees has touched the industrial sector, heavy engineering and even customer service. However, according to Muradyan, their salaries are on average 20% lower than those of younger employees.

Earlier it was reported that Russian employers began to cooperate more often with self-employed and temporary workers.


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