Anna Korenevich, a cardiologist and candidate of medical sciences, spoke at her YouTube channel about whose use must be reduced or completely eliminated to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In her opinion, the most dangerous is , which is found in sweets, bakery products, and many other products that have a high glycemic index (this is an indicator of how the eaten product affects blood ).

“There are slow carbohydrates: whole grains, brown bread, brown rice, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. And there are fast carbohydrates: white bread, white rice, sweets, and pastries. So: the second ones are not necessary for our body, we can live in peace and do without fast carbohydrates, ”the expert says.“ Remember how our ancestors ate several centuries ago. They cooked the meat they themselves produced and ate the fruits they grew (berries, vegetables, herbs). And as soon as the food was included in the diet with a high glycemic index, a person immediately got diabetes and numerous problems with the cardiovascular system. “

How to help your body? Minimize the use of cakes, ice cream, sweets, chips, cakes, french fries. In addition, it is very important that bread made from premium flour be replaced with wholemeal bread or bran. It is also necessary to regularly eat cereals, cereals and pasta made from durum wheat.

is another product that is harmful to our blood vessels and the heart,” says a cardiologist. “If you are one of those people add food, it’s advisable to get rid of this habit as soon as possible. Salt should not be completely eliminated, but use it in dosage. Norm – six grams per day (one teaspoon without a slide). “

The expert adds that excessive salt intake will not lead to anything good. High blood pressure, kidney disease, impaired calcium metabolism, salt deposition, osteoporosis, joint disease – this is an incomplete list of what everyone can face.

Blacklisting also includes . According to the expert, only red dry is acceptable. Frequency of use – three to four times a week, volume – one or two glasses at a time. “This dose cannot be exceeded,” she emphasizes.
is especially useless. Excess cobalt, which is contained in the foam, overloads the heart. In addition, is one of the causes of hormonal disruptions and saturates the blood with carbon dioxide, and this provokes varicose veins,” comments Anna Korenevich.

Adversely affect heart and trans fats. These are modified molecules that appear in unsaturated (vegetable) oils and fats during repeated high-temperature processing. Trans fats are found in large quantities in fast food, sausages and convenience foods that are on shelves in stores.

By the way WHO (World Health Organization) called on countries to completely abandon trans-fat industrial production by 2023. According to them, about 500 thousand people die every year from the use of trans fats.

“Palm oil is an equally dangerous product,” the cardiologist continues. “What is added to our products, especially dairy products, is low-quality oil. It’s cheap muck, it’s third or fourth grade. It is used solely because of its low cost “That’s why palm oil is so criticized. Like trans fats, it harms blood vessels and the heart. Eliminate this and the four previous products from your diet.”