Captain amarinder singh will launch his own new political party in punjab will contest assembly elections in alliance with BJP


    Captain Amarinder Singh, who resigned as the Chief Minister of Punjab about a month ago, has started opening the cards for the next elections to be held in the state. Removing the suspense on his next bet, Amarinder said that he would soon form his new party. Along with this, he also indicated that for the Punjab Assembly elections (Punjab Election 2022), along with the BJP, he will form an alliance with like-minded factions separated from the Akali. Amarinder, however, made it clear that the alliance with the BJP would depend on a satisfactory resolution of the agricultural laws issue.

    Captain Amarinder’s media advisor Raveen Thukral released his statement on Twitter, which said, “The struggle for the future of Punjab continues. Punjab and its people and farmers, who have been fighting for their existence for more than a year. I will announce my party soon. If any solution is found in the interest of farmers of farmer protest, then I am hopeful about seat agreement with BJP in the year 2022 Punjab assembly elections. Also apart from Akali There is also the possibility of an alliance with like-minded factions, especially the Dhindsa and Brahmapura factions.” Amarinder has also indicated that the long-running farmers’ agitation against the three agricultural laws may soon move towards a solution.

    Earlier, in a conversation with ‘The Print’, when asked if he would have any ideological problem in joining hands with the BJP, Amarinder replied that I have stood for Punjab and the interest of the state is above all. Amarinder said that his focus would be to form the government in Punjab after winning the 2022 assembly elections. In case of any ideological problem with the BJP, Amarinder Singh said that he stands with Punjab. For them the interests of Punjab are above all.

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    BJP is not anti Muslim
    This is the first time that Captain Amarinder Singh has spoken openly about his future plans after he resigned as chief minister on September 18. Only after resigning from the post of Chief Minister, he has spoken of leaving the Congress and not joining the BJP. He once again reiterated the point of not joining BJP, but said that he would like to form an alliance with it. Amarinder also said that he does not consider the BJP communal and anti-Muslim.

    When asked if you see any problem among Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab, Amarinder replied, “There was no opposition to the Modi government in Punjab before the farmers’ agitation.” However, he also revealed that efforts are on to find a solution.

    Weapons are reaching Punjab
    Asked if the militancy could return to Punjab, Amarinder said, “I have been raising this issue for three years. Weapons consignment to Punjab through Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Khalistani terrorist sleeper cell.” But now the quantity of weapons that are coming is disturbing.” He also pointed to the use of drones for carrying AK-47s, pistols, grenades, drugs and cash.

    Amarinder said, “The 600 km long area of ​​my state is the international border. There is a conspiracy being hatched about this, which we are not aware of and I am concerned about it. I have been discussing this issue with the National Security Advisor (NSA) in Delhi recently. NSA) had also met Ajit Doval.”


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