Canada paramedic unknowingly treated daughter in fatal crash

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CALGARY, Canada — A Canadian Unknowingly, a paramedic treated her daughter in a fatal car crash. She wiped away tears as she thought of a beautiful little girl who fought until death.

Jayme Erickson was summoned to the crash north Calgary On Nov. 15 years old, sat next to a severely injured girl. She Due to injuries, it was impossible to recognize.

It It wasn’t until Erickson She returned home at the end the day to be greeted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers informed her that the patient was her 17 year-old daughter. Montana.

Erickson She shared her grief and with reporters TuesdayHer daughter was described by her as a success in everything she did, an avid swimmer with aspirations to be a lawyer.

“She was a fighter and she fought until the day that she died and she was beautiful. She was so beautiful. If she ever put an effort into anything she would always succeed at it,” Erickson At an Airdrie firehall with her family, paramedics and firefighters standing beside her in a gesture of support.

Richard ReedAs he recounted, his friend and flight paramedic, had to stop several times. Erickson Assisting at the scene of a car that had lost control and was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle.

Reed According to the driver, he was able out of his car, but the female passenger was still trapped and suffered serious injuries. Erickson He was the first to appear on the scene. He Erickson We knew that the girl was in serious trouble. We sat with her until she was extricated. Then, we flew her to hospital via air ambulance.

Paramedic Jayme Erickson, center, who was called to a crash last week and didn't know she was trying to save her own daughter because the injuries were too severe, is comforted by her husband Sean Erickson, center right, and friends as she speaks to the media in Airdrie, Alberta, Tuesday.
Paramedic Jayme EricksonThe woman in the center is her husband, comforting her after she was summoned to a collision last week. Sean EricksonAs she talks to the media, pictured at center right with her friends Airdrie, Alberta, Tuesday. (Photo: Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press (via AP)

“On her way back she expressed her grief and frustration to her partner, knowing that later a family would likely lose their daughter, sister and grandchild. A short time after arriving home, there was a knock on the door. It was the RCMP,” Reed said.

“On entering the room, to her horror, she found the girl that she had sat with in the back of the crumpled vehicle keeping alive, so the family could say goodbye, and due to the extent of her injuries was unrecognizable, was Jayme’s own daughter,” He added.

“Jayme unknowingly was keeping her own daughter alive,” Reed said.


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