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Businessman Kuzmichev lost the court on the disclosure of the addresses of his houses in France


The Supreme Court of France rejected the claim of a member of the board of directors of LetterOne and the supervisory board of Alfa Group Alexei Kuzmichev. He opposed the disclosure by the authorities of information about the location of his house in Paris and a villa on the Riviera, reports Bloomberg. The businessman’s property was frozen as part of the European Union (EU) sanctions.

Mr. Kuzmichev tried to suspend the April decree of the French authorities, which allowed the publication on the Internet of real estate addresses of Russian businessmen. Aleksey Kuzmichev insisted in his lawsuit that the disclosure of this information endangered the life of his family.

However, the court at the end of last week rejected his claim. The court considered that the publication of these data was “proportionate to the circumstances”. In addition, according to the court, the disclosure of information about real estate will help prevent it from being rented or sold under a private agreement between companies.

Sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen are being imposed in response to the military operation in Ukraine launched by Vladimir Putin on February 24. In March, two yachts of Alexei Kuzmichev were arrested in France. By the end of May, the total value of the property of businessmen from Russia frozen in the EU amounted to €10 billion.

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