Businesses need to be aware of rules for modern FTAs: PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwCAccording to them, businesses must be aware that there are regulatory obstacles in the areas of climate change and protection for workers. gender inclusivity Areas that are not included in the above include e-commerce and online shopping. India’s Previous Trade agreements are free (FTAs).

It In a report, it was also mentioned that businesses can benefit from anticipating the effect of FTAs in the supply chain to help them review their sourcing strategies. Resilient supply chains.

India Trade pacts have been signed with the UAE Australia And Mauritius Recently, the UK and EU have been in discussions. Canada And Israel.

In The past is the future India It stated that it was not interested in including aspects like climate change, labour protection and gender inclusion in FTAs.

“However, the country has demonstrated a willingness to negotiate these issues in modern FTAs. Thus, businesses need to be aware of regulatory barriers in these areas for the modern FTAs,” The PwC report Titled “Business The imperatives of modern FTAs.

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