Business Insider Knows Starbucks and Amazon Plans to Open Joint Outlets

Amazon, which previously launched a chain of stores without cashiers Amazon Go in the US and UK, was in talks with Starbucks to open co-branded outlets. Business Insider with reference to the retailer’s internal document. As part of the project under the ready-made name Verde, it was planned to come to the creation of a single brand and application of orders. The first stores were due to open in the fourth quarter of 2020; there is a possibility that companies have abandoned plans.

Amazon is already partnering with Starbucks on cashless stores: in 2019, self-service Starbucks coffee points were opened at two Amazon Go locations. On the contrary, the Verde project meant the creation of an Amazon Go department in a Starbucks-style coffee shop. Such establishments would include ordering coffee from Starbucks through its app, purchasing food using Amazon Go technology, and a dining area for customers in both zones.

Amazon Go (London – Amazon Fresh) uses machine vision technology to determine which items a customer has picked up. The passage to the shops is closed by turnstiles and is carried out according to the application. Amazon Go allows you to link multiple family members’ accounts to one Amazon account to combine purchases into one account.

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