Burmatov: The problem of lack of animal shelters can be solved in two years

Vladimir Burmatov.
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It is necessary to allocate funds to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the construction of shelters for stray animals on the terms of co-financing – 50 percent from the federal budget and 50 percent from the budget of the corresponding region. Along with the introduction of a public-private partnership mechanism, this would close the problem of lack of shelters in two years. Vladimir Burmatov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, said this in an interview with Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

“It is impossible to completely solve the problem without federal funds. Therefore, we will insist that the federal program for the construction of shelters, on which we agreed with the Ministry of Natural Resources, still work,” the deputy said.

While federal means for it are not provided, he noted.

“We propose to allocate money to the regions for the construction of shelters on the terms of co-financing – 50 percent from the federal budget, and 50 percent from the regional one. I talked with the governors, they are completely satisfied with this, ”said Burmatov.

In his opinion, this would allow to resolve the issue in two years and forget about the lack of shelters.

The deputy added that this does not replace the powers of the regions and municipalities, since the money would be allocated only for capital construction, and not for keeping stray animals.

Also, the situation with shelters should be improved by the introduction of a public-private partnership mechanism. Such a bill, developed by a group of deputies, was adopted by the State Duma in the first reading. It will allow attracting private investors to the construction of shelters, explained Vladimir Burmatov. The authorities will have the right to allocate land to investors for construction in a simplified manner and to bring communications to the shelters.

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In addition, it is necessary to help not only investors who invest in construction, but also non-profit organizations that are already involved in the treatment of stray animals, as they perform an important social task – they take care not only of animals, but also of people, making the environment more comfortable and safe, added the deputy.

Therefore, in his opinion, such organizations should be recognized as socially oriented, so that they are entitled to appropriate preferences and benefits.

The full material will be published on the Parlamentskaya Gazeta website later.



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