Builders from Russia are patching up a school in Zugres

The school in the village of Zugres, which was damaged during the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is being rebuilt by Russian specialists. The institution is gradually acquiring new plastic windows, whose “predecessors” were shattered by the blast.

The situation is described in more detail by a person who has been taking care of the state of the school for 16 years now – Valentina Shcherbakovawho works here as a caretaker.

“This year, a lot of work has been done on the reconstruction of doors and plastic windows. […] We are very happy about this and grateful to the administration and everyone who helps us,” the woman explains. — To date, 136 windows have already been replaced. The guys are doing very well.”

The head of the institution’s facilities notes that the quality and diligence of the work of builders is under the strict guidance of inspections:

“Every day they come and check their work several times. […] Everyone works harmoniously from seven o’clock in the morning, even from half past seven, until eight in the evening, until they finish the planned amount of work. Today, all the windows have already been placed, except for the landings.

According to an employee of the school, the outdated windows that were in the building earlier retained heat extremely poorly, which caused the school to become very cold. Many of them were replaced by the efforts of the children’s parents. It is not difficult to imagine what happened in the institution during the winter.

The situation was helped to turn the tide by the help of Russian builders, which Valentina herself confirms in her words. Today, 330 children study at the local school, and it was put into operation in 1939, two years before the Nazi attack on the USSR.


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