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Budget Sessions Updates: On the first day of the second session of the budget session of Parliament, there was a lot of commotion in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The ruling party remained adamant on demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi. After that the proceedings were adjourned.

Budget Sessions Updates: Rahul's statement was delivered in his own way, says Kharge on the ruckus in Rajya Sabha

Budget Sessions Updates: Rajya Sabha proceedings adjourned till 2pm after commotion

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Budget Sessions Updates: Parliament budget session On Monday, the proceedings of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were adjourned till 2 pm after the uproar by the ruling party demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi on the first day of the second session of Parliament. After adjourning the session, Union Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Piyush Goyal said that he (Rahul Gandhi) has insulted the people of India and the House on foreign soil. There is complete freedom of speech in India and everyone keeps their point in Parliament. He further said that India has no right to make such comments. He should come to the House and apologise.

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In fact, Rahul Gandhi, who toured London earlier this month, while addressing a program at Cambridge University, spoke about Indian democracy, the judiciary and the media. According to the BBC report, Rahul Gandhi had told the judiciary that the media is under the control of the government and that even Pegasus was embedded in my mobile phone. He had further said that the intelligence officers told me that I have Pegasus in my phone. The officers had advised me to speak carefully. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi had also claimed that many such criminal cases have been registered against him which do not even come under the category of crime.

Senate Budget Session Updates:

  • Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has said that Rahul Gandhi’s statement was presented in his own way. Rahul Gandhi is not a member of Rajya Sabha. Democracy is being shattered under Modi’s rule.
  • Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that when a person insults the Prime Minister outside the country, it is considered an insult to the country. Those who give statements for hours in the Lok Sabha and go abroad and say they are not allowed to speak. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha should take action regarding this.
  • At the same time, in the Lok Sabha, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi have insulted India in London. I request the entire House to condemn Rahul’s statement and he should personally come to the House and apologise.

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