Budapest did not appreciate the idea of ​​London to send shells with depleted uranium to Ukraine

Budapest considers the UK’s intention to send shells containing depleted uranium to Ukraine wrong, Gergely Guiyash, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office, said today, March 23, at a meeting with reporters, TASS reports.

His country would not recommend the use of depleted uranium munitions to anyone, said Gouyash, who holds the rank of minister in the government.

“Hungary does not support any action that could lead to an escalation of the war,” he stressed.

As reported EADailyDeputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain Baroness Annabelle Goldie At the request of one of the members of the House of Lords, she replied that the authorities of the kingdom intended to supply Ukraine with shells with depleted uranium, which have increased efficiency in destroying armored vehicles. She believes that depleted uranium is a standard component of armor-piercing ammunition.

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