BSTU announced agreements “with student activists” on the release of places in the hostel for refugees from Shebekino

The press service of the Belarusian State Technical University named after V. G. Shukhov said that university students agreed to “give up their places in hostels” to refugees from the Shebekinsky urban district and the Belgorod region. They will temporarily move to other dormitories of the university. The decision was made “together with the student activists.” Earlier, students of BSTU and BelSU reported that they were urgently forced to move out in order to make room for refugees.

“Temporary accommodation centers are not designed for a long stay, so the students of BSTU named after Shukhov are ready to give up their places in hostels for Shebekin residents while the issue of their further accommodation is being resolved. Together with the student activists, it was decided that the students would move to other dormitories, despite the period of active preparation for the exams,” the BSTU press service said (quote from Telegram channel “Universities of the Russian Federation”).

The press service added that the students were moved to other rooms and dormitories, from where the tenants left for the summer. The university noted that the resettlement was temporary, it affected only hostel No. 6.

BelSU also commented on the information about the resettlement of refugees. Tatyana Nikulina, director of the social policy department, told TASS that 950 people from border areas have been resettled on the campus. “People continue to arrive, some leave – they are taken by relatives. The movement is constant,” she said. Ms. Nikulina said nothing about the resettlement of students from hostels to accommodate refugees.

Yesterday, June 3, students of BSTU and BelSU, in a conversation with the local Telegram channel, said that the evacuees from Shebekino were settled in their dormitories, and the students were required to vacate the premises on the night of June 3 and offered them “rooms with cockroaches without conditions.” BelSU students also claimed that some refugees were placed in the rooms of students who are absent from Belgorod due to distance learning. They also posted a video showing students packing their belongings into black trash bags.

In BelSU, in a comment to the Belgorod No. 1 Telegram channel, they stated that “almost everyone remained within their dormitories, in which they lived earlier.” They also claimed that the belongings of students who are not in Belgorod, “under the supervision of the student council and with their help, were carefully and carefully packed and transferred for safekeeping to special rooms in the dormitories.”

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Olesya Pavlenko


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