Bryansk governor denied reports of Ukrainian saboteurs on the border

The governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, said that the information about the attempted penetration of saboteurs into the Klimovsky district is not true. Earlier today, the Telegram channel Baza reported that saboteurs were trying to break into the territory of the Klimovsky district.

“Today, many telegram channels spread information about an attempt by a sabotage group to illegally enter the territory of the Klimovsky district. This information is inaccurate. There were no attempts to infiltrate the DRG from Ukraine,” he wrote in Telegram channel.

At the same time, he said that today Sushany, Khoromnoye and Zabrama of the Klimovsky district came under fire. No one was hurt, the Russian military “responded” and “suppressed firing points,” the governor said. On the afternoon of May 27, the media reported that two servicemen died near Sushan when a drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Niva car in which they were traveling. Mr. Bogomaz did not comment on this.

On March 2, saboteurs entered the villages of Sushany and Lyubechane in the Bryansk region, killing two. The Russian Volunteer Corps claimed responsibility for the attack. On May 22, saboteurs entered the Grayvoronsky urban district of the Belgorod region. 13 people were wounded, a civilian from the village of Kozinka died, one elderly woman died during the evacuation. Responsibility was taken by the “Legion” Freedom of Russia “” (recognized as terrorist and banned) and the “Russian Volunteer Corps”.

Read more about what happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, read in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.

Anastasia Larina


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