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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto believes that in order to support the economy of the European Union (EU), it is necessary to introduce rules that give advantages to European companies, as the US authorities did. But, according to the minister, Brussels is not capable of defending European interests.

Mr. Sirto specified that Washington did not abandon the measures envisaged by the law to reduce inflation, which “definitely negatively discriminate against European enterprises.” According to the minister, the purpose of the law was to give American enterprises preferences over European ones.

“There is no need to be surprised or have illusions that Mrs. von der Leyen (head of the European Commission.— “b”) will go to Washington and arrange for this not to happen – these are such naive illusions, ”said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry at a press conference (quoted by RIA Novosti).

He is convinced that the EU should “take the same patriotic measures that represent the interests of the European economy.” “But so far it is clear that Brussels and the European Commission are not ready for this,” says Peter Szijjarto. He added that the anti-Russian sanctions adopted by Europe “harm the European economy.”

US President Joe Biden in August 2022 approved a law to reduce inflation. This initiative provides for the allocation of $ 400 billion in government subsidies to support the American economy and the introduction of other measures. The Wall Street Journal wrote that French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders blamed the US for the economic downturn. The French president called for a “strong European response” to the American law. The South Korean authorities have invited the EU to jointly respond to the actions of the United States. The European Commission promised to prepare an analogue of the US law.

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