British’s PM Rishi Sunak and EU chief Ursula von der Leyen clinch Brexit deal over Northern Ireland trade

Britain And the European Union On February 27.2023 – A crucial overhaul of trade regulations was agreed upon Northern IrelandThis breakthrough is aimed at resetting severely strained relations. Brexit.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak And European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen At talks in, the agreement was adopted WindsorLocated west of London, both sides said.

Their After more than a decade of tension over the negotiations, the meeting was finally concluded. “Northern Ireland Protocol”The province has been reunified 25 years after a historic peace agreement that ended three decades worth of armed conflict.

Agreed 2020, as part of Britain’s EU divorce, the pact kept the province in the European Single market for physical goods, subject to different customs rules than other parts of the UK. This angered pro-UK unionists and eurosceptics in the UK. London.

The The UK had threatened to unilaterally overhaul the protocol if the EU did not agree to wholesale changes. This would have strained diplomatic relations and created the possibility of a trade war. However, that threat appears to be diminishing.

“I’m looking forward to turning a page and opening a new chapter with our partner and friend,” von der Leyen As she left, she said these words: Brussels Prior to the talks.

The The EU chief was also scheduled to meet King Charles III WindsorIt is fueling accusations in the UK Sunak hoped to project royal endorsement for the anticipated deal.

It It is likely that he will face opposition from BrexiteersAll inclusive Sunak’s potentially rebellious predecessor Boris JohnsonAnd from legislators representing the pro-British Unionist community Northern Ireland.

Sunak’s spokesman insisted the monarch’s meeting with von der Leyen Submitted by Buckingham Palace.


Mr. Sunak And Ms. von der LeyenWho met at the Fairmont Hotel In WindsorThey will hold a brief mid-afternoon conference. The UK leader — who only took power in October — will then make a statement to parliament scheduled for 6:30 pm (1830 GMT).

The An agreement concludes a long-running chapter in talks between London And BrusselsThree different instructors directed the work. British Prime ministers and the cloud over the war Ukraine.

It Both are long overdue for stabilization. Northern Ireland and the wider UK’s post-Brexit Relationship with it European partners.

The Protocol has met with staunch opposition from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), largest pro-UK party Northern Ireland, which argues that it threatens the province’s place within the UK.

London Has been pressing Brussels To agree to a “green”A check-free route for goods from the UK which are intended to remain in the country. Northern IrelandWithout going into Ireland and the EU’s single market.

The deal would also reportedly limit, but not scrap, oversight This is the protocol by the EU’s European Court of Justice.

The DUP is particularly upset by the possibility of EU law being retained as a role in Northern IrelandIts response could then determine how to proceed. Conservative eurosceptics in London react.

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson, who refused to re-enter power-sharing governments in Belfast Set to be led pro-Irish Tweets from nationalists claiming that the party would “take our time to consider the detail”.

Former Cabinet Minister Johnson Loyalist Jacob Rees-Mogg ITV: “I’m not sure he (Sunak) has achieved the objective of getting the DUP back into power-sharing, which is the fundamental point of it.”

‘About time’

The U.K., currently facing low economic growth and the worst cost-of living crisis in its history, is keen to reestablish relations with China to increase trade.

The Government in London It is also under pressure from the government to restore power-sharing BelfastThe 25th anniversary of 1998 is celebrated. Good Friday Agreement It is looming large.

Northern Ireland Since then, there has not been a devolved government February last year due to The DUP’s boycott.

In the Northern Irish City border of NewrySome residents were desperate for a breakthrough, and the restoration power-sharing.

“We need things to get going again, we need to get this sorted out,” Vincent Ward53-year old sah AFP.

Joe O’HanlonIt was added by 63-year old. “about time” That elected leaders “got their act together”.

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