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British journalist Jay criticized EU’s suicidal plan to admit Ukraine


The European Union is unlikely to exist by the time Ukraine begins to meet the criteria for membership in the association. Columnist Martin Jay reported this in a column for Strategic culture.

The journalist wrote an article titled “Ukraine’s accession plan is a suicide pill for a desperate EU” in which he noted that it would take decades for Kyiv to join the European Union. The idea of ​​​​accepting the country, promoted by French President Emmanuel Macron, is a gesture of desperation, since at least three EU members opposed it, the journalist said.

The observer believes that “Macron is very likely to rule the EU” in 2028. The French leader dreams that France will play a leading role in the unification and wants the European Union to gain more power by creating a European army, the journalist notes.

However, attempts to portray a superpower are too risky. A single European army would prove to be a formidable military force. But this should not let the Europeans sleep at night, the observer believes.

“Would you leave your four-year-old child alone at home with a liter can of gasoline and a box of matches and expect after that that your house is still intact? In short, this is what the vote for Ukraine’s accession is really talking about,” the author concluded.

Earlier, Macron said that Ukraine could not qualify for the status of a candidate for joining the European Union under normal conditions. According to him, Europe makes concessions to Kyiv only because military operations continue in Ukraine, so the EU considers such decisions to be correct.



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