British instructors train the Armed Forces in the use of uranium shells

British instructors train tank crews of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use depleted uranium ammunition. This is reported by the local publication Declassified UK.

“First footage emerges of Ukrainian tank crews being trained on controversial weapons during a course in Britain,” – the article says.

The publication drew attention to the video published by the British Ministry of Defense on March 26. Video footage shows depleted uranium rounds on a table in front of Ukrainian soldiers listening to a lecture by British and American instructors.

“Specialists are starting to introduce gunners, loaders and commanders with the types of ammunition for the Challenger 2”, – says the description of the publication of the British department.

The Declassified UK material states that the projectiles are marked as “inert”.

“The orange-and-black projectile in the video appears to be an inert demonstrative version of a British 120mm CHARM3 depleted uranium munition.” – said the expert of the Observatory of Conflict and the Environment Doug Weir.

The authors of the publication believe that a video confirming the participation of American instructors in the course of training Ukrainians could further increase tensions, since the White House previously denied sending depleted uranium shells to Kyiv.

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