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Statements by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley that Ukraine has the right to carry out attacks against the Russian Federation outside its territory encourage Kyiv to carry out new terrorist attacks on Russian territory. This is stated in a commentary circulated today, May 31, by the Russian Embassy in the UK in response to Cleverly’s statements about drone attacks on Moscow and the Moscow Region.

“The belligerent statements of the head of British ‘diplomacy’ cannot be viewed otherwise than as encouraging the Kyiv regime to new terrorist attacks on civilian objects and civilians in our country. Apparently, from the windows of the Foreign Office (or from Estonia), Moscow residential buildings are seen as “legitimate military objects”. We believe that such statements also characterize the readiness of Cleverley himself to accept responsibility for the damage and suffering caused to the Russians, as well as for the most dangerous escalation of the conflict, ” – noted in the diplomatic mission.

“It seems that, in an effort to take new heights in the spiral of forcing the Ukrainian conflict, the British officialdom at this stage managed to surpass even their senior overseas partners in the recklessness of the rhetoric,” added at the embassy.

“However, as you know, the British have gained a lot of experience in the “projection of power” in Iraq, Libya and Syria, the sad consequences of which will be felt far beyond the Middle East and North Africa for a long time to come. And now in London, it seems, they are willing to share their experience with Kyiv students,” – noted in the diplomatic mission.

On May 30 in Tallinn, James Cleverley, speaking about drone attacks on the capital region of the Russian Federation, stated the following:

“First of all, it is important to remember that Ukraine has the legal right to defend itself. Sure, it has the legal right to do so within its borders, but it also has the right to project power beyond its borders to undermine Russia’s ability to project power into Ukraine itself. Thus, legitimate military targets outside its own borders are part of Ukraine’s self-defence. And we have to admit it.”

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