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British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has submitted his resignation following an investigation into complaints from several of his subordinates that he behaves aggressively towards them. This is reported BBC. The full audit report conducted by lawyer Adam Tolly states that Mr. Raab repeatedly “behaved in a threatening manner in the sense of going further than was necessary or appropriate in a critical situation and also acted offensively in the sense that non-constructive critical comments about the quality of the work done (regardless of whether the criticism was justified at all in each particular case).

The first allegations against Mr. Raab by subordinates appeared in the fall of 2022. People who worked with him claimed that his behavior created a “culture of fear” in the workplace. Dominic Raab then himself called for an appropriate check against him, although he did not plead guilty to inappropriate actions, and promised to resign if any facts of inappropriate behavior on his part were revealed. The facts were revealed, Mr. Raab fulfilled his promise. He also apologized for being able to “unintentionally cause stress or offend” someone.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “with great regret” accepted the resignation of Dominic Raab and in his letter to him noted that the verification procedure “clearly had a number of shortcomings”, that all these problems “had a negative impact on all those involved”, and “we must learn from this situation a lesson on how best to deal with similar matters in the future.”

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