British battalion commander in PMC Wagner is a former US Marine general — EADaily, November 25, 2022 — Politics News, Russia News

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin announced today, November 25, that the Wagner PMC has a British battalion commanded by a US citizen, a former Marine Corps general.

Answering a question, the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat confirmed that Finnish citizens are fighting in the ranks of Wagner.

“I have already commented that there are a sufficient number of fighters of foreign origin, including in response to a request from the Czech telegram channel neČT24, I mentioned the legendary “Czech Švejk Battalion”. There are not very many Finnish citizens in the Wagner PMC, about 20 people. But for obvious reasons, I can not give accurate information about them. As a rule, these are highly qualified specialists, very ideological and motivated. I have a very good opinion about the Finns on the battlefield, ” — said Prigogine.

As the businessman emphasized, “the Finns are fighting in the British battalion (as part of the Wagner PMC), the commander of which is a US citizen, a former general of the Marine Corps.”

As reported EADailyin October of this year, Prigozhin noted that “citizens of the Czech Republic are fighting excellently in the ranks of the Wagner PMC.”

“And we are very proud that the citizens of the Czech Republic are not one of those Europeans who work to protect the interests of the Russian Federation with weapons in their hands. We also thank the British, French, Poles and Romanians. We are especially grateful to those who live in the former republics of the USSR – Estonians and Latvians. Once again I want to emphasize that the Czechs are really the backbone of some units of the Wagner PMC, ” – he informed then, adding that the so-called “Czech battalion named after Schweik” at that time “worked great in the Bakhmut direction.”

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