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North Korean missile flies over Japan. Residents of the northern part of the country were urged to hide. Tokyo believes that the missile has flown the maximum distance in the history of North Korean tests.

Former CEO of Zaporozhye NPP Igor Murashov is in Ukraine-controlled territory. The Russian side announced his expulsion, the Ukrainian side announced his release. The IAEA confirmed the return of Mr. Murashov to his family. How can Zaporozhye NPP work in Russian jurisdiction

Sentence passed in a case involving the death of 24 people in the Moscow metro. Those accused of commercial bribery received suspended sentences. About the verdict

Public services now have a form for filing complaints against decisions of draft commissions as part of partial mobilization. Both a citizen mobilized by mistake and “any other person” can complain about violations. About mistakes during mobilization

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin expanded the powers of the commission to improve the stability of the Russian economy in the context of partial mobilization. The heads of federal authorities were instructed to form operational headquarters “to ensure the sustainability of enterprises in the supervised industries,” as was the case when working to restore the economy against the backdrop of a pandemic. On the actions of the government in conditions of partial mobilization

Elon Musk called the unlikely victory of Ukraine in the event of a full-scale war with Russia due to the difference in population. In his opinion, it is necessary to seek peace. The entrepreneur proposed a plan to resolve the Ukrainian conflict.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the petition of Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, in which he tried to appeal the sanctions imposed against him.

In the first days after the announcement in Russia of partial mobilization in the secondary housing market in Moscow, the number of applications for the urgent sale of apartments increased three times. Their owners, who tried to leave the country, were ready to sell housing at a discount of up to 20%. More

The decision to extend Russia’s participation in the ISS project after 2024 may be made in 2023. Sergei Krikalev, director of Roscosmos for manned space programs, expressed the hope that the state corporation would receive such permission, and suggested that Russia would send cosmonauts to the ISS until it created its own space infrastructure. applied to Yandex with a pre-trial claim for compensation of 328 million rubles. lost profit, learned “b”. The ticket service believes that due to the creation of enriched answers by Yandex in the search results of, there were no users. About Claim

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced experiments in orbits with foreign spacecraft.

Japan may mirror the expulsion of its consul from Vladivostok. According to the Yomiuri newspaper, Tokyo may send the consul of one of the Russian diplomatic missions. On the political situation in Japan

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