Bomb shelters are being prepared in Moldova, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared an interactive rescue map

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova has prepared an interactive map of bomb shelters, which can be used for a certain period of time if necessary. The head of the department Anna Revenko told about this on the air of Jurnat TV.

The minister noted that it was “another neglected area in the last decade”, the situation leaves much to be desired, and the map “reflects a temporary solution.” Shelters are divided into two categories – shelters of a public nature (for example, underground passages) and shelters in a housing stock (that is, basements).

According to Revenko, from a technical point of view, this is the sphere of influence of another department. However, she did not specify which state structure is responsible for this. For their part, the police checked those places that can be recommended as temporary protective structures for citizens, especially for residents of Chisinau.

“The team of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations has developed an interactive map showing public places that, if necessary, can be used as shelters. But, of course, this area should be a priority for other institutions,” Revenko said.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also clarified that they had requested an inspection from the Technical Supervision Agency. In addition, the ministry proposed a new regulation, which clearly establishes the role of each entity in this area.

Recall, summing up the results of 2022, the President of Moldova Maya Sandu said that there is no direct threat from Russia to the country. In the context of the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, she stated that “the danger is further from us than six months ago.” At the same time, the head of state requested additional military assistance from Western partners in the form of modern air defense systems. In addition, she confirmed that Chisinau is actively discussing the possible rejection of neutrality and joining the NATO bloc.

As reported EADaily , over the past few months, fragments of Ukrainian air defense missiles have already fallen three times on the border settlements of Moldova, one even with a combat kit. Chisinau blamed Russia for this, demanding an explanation from the ambassador “why Ukrainian missiles are falling on Moldova.”

“Any missiles, flights through Moldova are all the fault of the Russian Federation, which unleashed a terrible war, a disaster in Europe in the 21st century,” – said Anna Revenko.

The interior minister added that there is still a big risk that Russian missiles will cross Moldovan airspace, or they will “accidentally fall on our territory after they shoot down air defense systems.”

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