Boat with migrants crashed on the rocks of the Greek island of Kythira

Near the Greek island of Kitira, located at the junction of the Ionian and Aegean Seas, the Greek Coast Guard launched an operation to search for and rescue about 100 illegal migrants from a sunken ship. This was reported on October 5 by the newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton.

According to preliminary information, a sailboat with migrants crashed on the rocks near the port of Diakofti. The search and rescue of migrants is organized by the Coast Guard and Port Authority’s Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center. The operation is described as particularly complex. A coast guard boat, a Navy helicopter, as well as cargo ships that were in the area are sent to the disaster area.

It is noted that at present the weather conditions in this area are extremely unfavorable for people in the water and their rescue, a storm wind with a force of up to 7-8 points on the Beaufort scale disperses strong excitement.

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