Bloomberg: The US is planning sanctions against the military-industrial complex, the energy sector and financial institutions of the Russian Federation

The administration of US President Joe Biden plans to tighten export controls, as well as introduce a new package of sanctions against Russia that will target key industries. The agency reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.

The new measures will target Russia’s defense and energy sectors, financial institutions, and several individuals. This was reported on condition of anonymity by people familiar with the matter. The US and its allies are expected to come to grips with preventing sanctions avoidance and circumvention, as well as undermining “the support that Russia receives from third countries.”

As part of the new package of sanctions, which the EU intends to approve next week, it is supposed to oblige banks and other institutions to inform about the sanctioned Russian assets they hold. At the same time, the imposition of sanctions requires the support of all EU countries, Bloomberg notes.

The G7 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan and the US) and the EU plan to increase pressure on companies that can help Russia circumvent the effects of sanctions and tighten existing measures. There will also be increased diplomatic pressure on countries that can provide assistance to Moscow, according to Bloomberg.

The White House National Security Council did not promptly comment.

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Maria Fedotova


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