The European Union is going to announce a decision on gas, which will make it possible to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions and purchase natural gas in Russia, as reported by Bloomberg.

Brussels intends, on the one hand, to allow fuel importers to work with Russia, and, on the other hand, to “effectively meet” Moscow’s demands for payment in rubles.

The European Commission expects utilities to make a clear statement that making them pay for raw materials in euros or dollars under existing agreements will constitute compliance. As part of a closed meeting, the authorities of the EU member states were told that organizations are allowed to open special accounts with Gazprombank.

“Another key point is that after European companies make a payment in euros or dollars and declare that they have fulfilled their obligations, no further action should be required from the Russian side regarding the payment,” Bloomberg analysts also point out.

In April, Russia switched to the ruble format of payment for natural gas exports. Countries that refuse to pay Moscow in national currency are deprived of supplies. Gazprom has already blocked exports to Bulgaria and Poland for this reason.



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