Bloomberg: Chicken eggs have disappeared from the shelves of British supermarkets

Residents of the UK are faced with a shortage of chicken eggs. This product can no longer be found in any supermarket in the country, Bloomberg reported.

According to analysts, there may be several reasons for such a development of events. One of them is an outbreak of influenza that provoked the culling of poultry.

Strong demand could also affect the shortage of eggs. As noted by the agency, in connection with inflation, people are switching to a more affordable type of protein. In addition, chicken eggs are especially popular around Christmas. The situation is aggravated by the inability to quickly increase production volumes.

“We don’t make widgets for beer cans. We have live animals that create a natural product. The chicken carries what the chicken carries,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Poultry Council of the National Union of Farmers.

Earlier it became known about another scarce product in Europe. It’s about antibiotics.


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