Blogger Blinovskaya denies information about police checks after complaints about her “marathons”

Blogger Elena Blinovskaya denies reports that the police are conducting checks against her after complaints from participants in her author’s “marathons”. Ms. Blinovskaya also did not confirm the data that she could face problems with the tax authorities.

“Guys, take a breath. The news about the checks, and even more so the complaints from the participants of the marathons, is a fake … I’m on vacation, I’ll be back home soon, ”wrote Ms. Blinovskaya in Telegram channel. According to her, now she is in Japan.

The fact that the police are checking against Ms. Blinovskaya was reported this morning by the Telegram channel, citing sources. SHOT. According to the channel, the participants of her “marathons” complained about the blogger, who felt that they had been deceived. In addition, the authors of the publication reported that unnamed public figures asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to check whether there were facts of tax evasion in Ms. Blinovskaya’s business.

Later, the blogger herself stated channel that, unlike “all the other bloggers” who are suspected of tax evasion, pays VAT, so she does not face problems with tax structures. Ms. Blinovskaya also added that she has a “huge team of lawyers and accountants” working under her direction, who deal with relevant issues.

Elena Blinovskaya is a blogger, the creator of the so-called “Marathon of Desires” – personal growth training, which, according to the authors, can “help people realize their dreams.” According to information ForbesBlinovskaya’s profit from the sale of “marathons” in 2020 exceeded 200 million rubles.

The day before, March 21, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 198 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (tax evasion) against blogger Alexandra Mitroshina. On March 7, a similar case was opened against bloggers Valeria and Artem Chekalin.

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