Blinken said that the United States solves world problems, and not only helps Kyiv

The United States, along with other countries, helps to ensure the defense of Ukraine, but also pays attention to other world problems, for example, affecting the countries of the Global South. This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“Even as we work with many other countries to protect Ukraine by helping it defend itself and deal with Russian aggression, we are relentless in our attention to the many issues that affect people around the world. You mentioned the Global South,” Blinken said, speaking at a joint press conference with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez.

As the US Secretary of State noted, two-thirds of the agenda of the recent G7 foreign ministers’ meeting was devoted to “the issues that most concern people around the world, including the countries of the Global South.” Among such problems, Blinken named climate, energy, food security, global health and the achievement of development goals.


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